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Friday, May 11, 2018



Doug Carlisle

Director of Facilities

Sustainability Assessment

The aim of our assessment was to understand the issues that have the biggest impact on society, the environment, economy, and our stakeholders, in order to ensure our Sustainability Strategy focuses on the right things. In other words, we wanted to understand the issues that matter most to everyone that touches our business.

We followed a logical, step-wise approach:

1. Desk-based research – to understand the issues of material importance for the medical and industrial diagnostic sectors

2. Stakeholder interviews – to engage key stakeholders including suppliers, customers, and government representatives

3. An internal survey – to hear from Varex managers across all business functions

4. A workshop – to bring together internal and external stakeholders to review the outcomes of steps

5. Formal sign-off – the results were agreed by the Varex Executive Leadership Team in November 2017

What we learned has given us a firm foundation upon which to build our new strategy, as well as focusing our Sustainability Report on the issues you care about most.

So, what were the results?

We found that social and governance issues are especially important – from ensuring high standards of product quality and customer care, to the ethical standards we impose across our business and supply chain. Contributing to a safer and more secure world is a key issue – hardly a surprise given the nature of our business. Being an employer of choice – by looking after our people and building a culture of fairness and respect – is also important. When it comes to the environment, the issues of climate change, energy, and air quality and resource efficiency matter.

Below, you can see how these results have shaped, and relate to, our new strategic priorities. Read more about our assessment and our new Sustainability Strategy in our 2017 Sustainability Report.

Material Issues

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