Combining X-ray sources and detectors to meet the challenging needs of industrial and security image applications can be daunting. Determining the energy needed to penetrate a material and matching it with the best detector sensitivity and resolution to produce a high-quality digital image requires extensive product knowledge and X-ray imaging experience. Especially, when these applications span the range of nearly every element on the periodic table.  

While Varex Imaging Corporation is a world leader in industrial and security imaging components, just supplying components for complex imaging systems is not enough. Our customers rely on our knowledge of industrial requirements, component integration, conformity to industry standards, training and overall 2D and 3D imaging experience to find the best technology fit for their applications. 


The Varex Industrial X-ray Application Development Testing and Inspection Lab in Franklin Park, Illinois was established to serve our components customers as well as the broader industrial and security markets. The facility offers industrial CT scanning services and 2D X-ray imaging to help manufacturers manage their product design and processes so they can achieve their quality goals. Our scanning services business also assures that Varex is aware of and addressing leading-edge applications as they come to market. What’s more, we provide our components customers with a high-energy imaging facility to demonstrate product capabilities, assist with application and product training and facilitate hardware and software system integration and testing.



Industrial CT Scanning Services:

Application Development and Testing: