Nexus is a powerful multi-purpose digital imaging system that combines RF and DR capabilities on one imaging platform using various flat panel detectors. One system, designed to increase the value of your entire imaging product portfolio.

Nexus DRF™ was developed for advanced digital medical imaging systems in radiography and fluoroscopy, digital radiography, and cardiology and angiography. Nexus DRF is easily integrated with existing imaging platforms and with key medical equipment. It supports seamless and simultaneous interfacing to both static and dynamic flat panel detectors, as well as CCD cameras. Advanced system features include: Nexus DRF Software

  • Customized solutions for labor-saving measures
  • Standardized, minimal steps from image acquisition to optimal viewing
  • Touch screen, user friendly interface, easy to configure, learn, and use
  • Instantly available images, ready to be reviewed or stored
  • Support for multiple wired or wireless flat panel detectors and CCD cameras
  • Full integration with the X-ray generator, positioner, collimator, or injector


Nexus DRF includes InfiVision® automatic image enhancement software for excellent image quality on the first shot. It uses advanced image processing algorithms and automatically applies optimal image shutters, decreasing exposure.

For more information, download the Nexus DRF Datasheet.

Nexus DRF

Nexus DRF (857.43 KB)


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