Varex ProductMaximum VoltageFocal SpotTarget AngleCurrentInherent Filtration
HPX-160-111600.4mm x 1.0mm1111.25mA0.8mm BE
HPX-160-201601.0mm x 1.0mm206.5mA0.8mm BE
HPX-225-112250.4mm x 1.0mm118mA1.0mm Cu
HPX-225-202251.0mm x 1.0mm204.4mA0.8mm BE
HPX-320-113200.4mm x 1.0mm115.6mA4.0mm Be
HPX-450-114500.4mm x 1.0mm113.3mA5.0mm Be
NDI-160-201601.0mm x 1.0mm204mA0.8mm BE
NDI-160-211601.0mm x 3.0mm2010mA0.8mm BE
NDI-160-221601.0mm x 5.5mm2013mA0.8mm BE
NDI-1611607.5mm3019mA0.8mm BE
NDI-225-202251.0mm x 1.0mm202.8mA0.8mm BE
NDI-225-212251.0mm x 3.0mm207mA0.8mm BE
NDI-225-222251.0mm x 5.5mm2013mA0.8mm BE
NDI-225-FB2257.5mm2013mA1.0mm Cu
NDI-2262257.5mm3013mA0.8mm BE
NDI-320-233201.9mm x 3.6mm205mA4.0mm Be
NDI-320-263203.0mm x 5.5mm2013mA4.0mm Be
NDI-3213208.0mm3010mA4.0mm Be
NDI-350-233501.9mm x 3.6mm205mA4.0mm Be
NDI-350-263501.5mm x 4.0mm205mA4.0mm Be
NDI-451Be4502.5mm x 5.5mm3010mA5.0mm Be
NDI-4524502.5mm x 5.5mm3010mA2.3mm Fe +1.0mm Cu
HPC-160FB1605.5mm2025mA2.0mm Be
HPC-225-FB2253.9mm2013mA1.0mm Cu
PI-2002003.0mm203.8A0.8mm Be
EDS-18061601.6mmW x 1.5mmL204.6A2.0mm Be
HPX-2262257.5mm17.7mA0.8mm Be
MCS-80801.5mm204.4A2.0mm Be
MCS-1402255.5mm2013.0mA2.0mm Be
NDI-320-26FB3203.0mm x 5.5mm2013.1mA2.0mm Be +0.4mm Fe

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