We equip the world’s airports and checkpoints with the best-in-class tools for screening baggage against potential threats and contraband, such as weapons, drugs and explosives. Our line of security components meets today’s stringent airport screening requirements and prevent dangerous goods from entering the countries in which they are deployed.

Over the past 15 years, ensuring security has become an important task, primarily due to the threat of terrorism. Safeguarding people and their belongings is a major challenge for governments everywhere. As a result, digital X-ray radiography has emerged as a technique which is widely used by security experts.

With the acquisition of PerkinElmer Imaging Components, we now offer XRpad flat panel detectors. These security detectors are used in portable digital X-ray systems designed for use in the field. They will work in harsh conditions, enabling security operators to do their job quickly and safely. For information relating to XRpad flat panels,  download our 

In addition to our digital X-ray radiography technology, we offer X-ray tubes for security applications such as baggage screening. Our X-ray tubes consist of a broad range of glass and ceramic tubes that provide a variety of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities.

For higher energy requirements, Varex offers high-energy linear accelerators. Our linear accelerators range in dose, energy and focal spot sizes. If you require material discrimination, our dual energy interlaced accelerators at 6 Mev and 9 Mev are available.

Our security components with their outstanding image quality and high resolution, fast image acquisition, mobility and ease of integration enable security X-ray systems manufacturers to optimize their products, and to enhance the safety of the task force in the field.

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