CT scans provide far more detailed images than conventional X-ray imaging. CT images allow doctors to get very precise, 3-D views of certain parts of the body, such as soft tissues, the pelvis, blood vessels, the lungs, the brain, the heart, abdomen and bones.  A CT scan will produce a cross-sectional image, also known as slices, of the patient.

Our family of OEM and replacement CT tubes utilize metal/glass or metal/ceramic materials for both bi-polar and Anode End Grounded (AEG) X-ray tube designs. Our AEG tubes are designed for higher heat loads, reduced off focal radiation, high power, and higher “G” force capacity.

Advantages of Varex CT tubes:

  • Focal spot toggling – increases the spatial resolution of a CT scanner when used in conjunction with specialized hardware & software. 
  • Focal spot size control – optimizes power and spatial resolution
  • Bipolar CT tubes – Large amount of power in a small size – enables smaller, more cost effective scanners
  • Much lower ball bearing force with the Varex design
  • Multiple bipolar and monopolar offerings
  • Varex also offers Claymount high voltage connectors to complete your CT system.



Imaging Solutions for your CT System